• objective
    Increase Customer Loyalty & Real-Time Damage Control
  • Platform
    7” tablet screens custom fabricated into a digital feedback form, placed in the restaurant bill wallet.
  • Audience
    Restaurant or Bar Diners
  • Content
    The tablet is running a personalized version of the Experiences Digital restaurant feedback app.
  • Key Benefit
    Based on the feedback rating given by a diner, the digital feedback form can be programmed to do different things.

    As examples, should a diner rate their experience 4 or 5 star (out of 5 stars), then on the subsequent screen they’re asked if they’d like to join the restaurant’s loyalty program.

    Or should a diner rate their experience as 1 or 2 star, then an immediate alert goes to the restaurant manager to swing in for damage control.
  • Additional Benefit
    In addition to collecting diner feedback, the app can also be used by restaurants to generate leads on behalf of sponsor brands.

    Such as special offers on car test drives, vacation packages, mobile phone offers & more.